Drawing streak – fourth week

Here are this week’s doodles:

Only six, because on Saturday I didn’t draw.

On Day 22 I was flying and so I drew the plane engine that I could see out of my window. Day 23 was still about travelling, and I thought about migrating birds. Day 24 I felt that my streak was getting quite far, so I drew a summary of it in small squares, like Paloma does in the movie “L’élégance du hérisson”. Day 25 was inspired by a walk near the lake, which was crowded with swans. Day 26 is the map of a trail in the mountains, and finally day 26 a comeback of colour after many days of black and white.

See previous weeksposts for the whole streak, and my Flickr page for full-resolution images!

Book recommendation: “L’arte del camminare” from Luca Gianotti

Last week, during my trip to Trento, I visited a small library specialised in travel literature, guides, maps and apparel: la Viaggeria. Every time I enter it I come out with at least two books. The shopkeepers manage to keep this store lively, rich, surprising and homely, and have always a good suggestion – or sometimes they read you a few paragraphs of a book they recently discovered, so that you invariably find a book that opens you a new universe.

This time I examined with more detail the section about travelling by foot, and picked up “L’arte del camminare” written by Luca Gianotti:

I read it at once, fascinated by the simplicity of his prose, that made me readily believe I could prepare my baggage and start a journey on foot with new enthusiasm, new eyes. No matter where it starts, where it would end, the walk is a world in itself. I hope there will be translations soon, so that this concise and poetic guide will reach more readers/walkers around the world.