Various updates

Last week has been quite busy, and I didn’t post as often as usual. To summarise a bit, I knitted a colourful hat (Twisp)…


…then planned the colors and patterns for my next project, a Strange Brew sweater from Tin Can Knits:


I kept taking pictures of the tree near my bus stop:


I took the ferry in Köpenick for maybe the last time of the year (well, it depends when the river will freeze):


I baked bread #44, that looked and tasted great:


and right now, a batch of apple mini-muffins:


That’s all for today! I wish you a good start of the week 🙂


Random act of kindness

Today the weather was so nice that I took a book and went to read in the park. A lady who was walking by my bench greeted me with a smile and gave me a bag of chocolates. I was really surprised but I managed to thank her before she moved on and gave another bag of chocolates to a child strolling with her mum. I think she had many more presents for the people that were today at the park.

I felt so happy for this unexpected present, even happier to think that this woman went to the shop, bought some chocolate and went around distributing it. I feel invited to do the same, for the simple joy of seeing other people smiling. It makes me feel connected to fellow humans like I didn’t feel for so long.

We can discuss on the details of such actions, that can make a gift more or less welcome or appropriate; still, I want to think that everyone of us can be touched by one or many forms of this sincere generosity.