About me

I’m Anne, curious about many topics ranging from music to teaching, eager to discover their backstage. I have been in turn natural scientist, translator, free software developer, drummer, pianist, sketcher, horse enthusiast, choir singer, mapper, cook, photographer. In some of them I just dipped my foot; in others I have piled up years of experience and earned money out of them. Nonetheless I love(d) all of them like lifelong passions.

I hope to inspire some of you to explore your favourite hobbies with a new enthusiasm, and I very much look forward your own discoveries and thoughts.

As I would be no one without all the guides and teachers who helped me discover and nurture my skills, I thank them here, and hope to inspire you as much as they did.




2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Anne, I love curious human beings and thank you very much for your blog on my book! Sorry I was a bit behind in discovering it:) You seem like an extremely creative person! All the best, warmly, Ulrike


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