Weather and clouds

I finished reading a small book about weather prediction by observation of clouds: “Wolkenbilder Wettervorhersage” . It was an easy-to-read guide through the complex field of weather prediction and the more intuitive interpretation of clouds as indicators for humidity, wind, temperature and pressure. The scientific approach was enriched by clear pictures, that had for me a significant artistic interest naturally embedded in them. How can one not think of the many paintings and drawings, where the artists tried to convey the lightness and vibrancy of clouds and skies, as well as the difficulty of capturing the textures and contrasts with a camera?

I liked the first chapters, that described the main weather states and sequences for Germany. I guess that the latitude and the simple orography of the country makes the weather dependent on medium to large-scale weather phenomena, and the weather prediction seems pretty straightforward. Now I feel more knowledgeable about what I see in the sky, and I’m reassured by my new ability of deciphering the messages hidden in the clouds literally in plain sight.


5 thoughts on “Weather and clouds

  1. I think clouds and their formations are so amazing. This time of year we get some big thunderstorms and the clouds a that herald their approach are huge and impressive and can be intimidating too.


      1. Last week we had a wind storm and about an hour before it arrived the horses all got a bit antsy out in their paddocks so they were brought in. I think they have some sense of barometric pressure changes. Once they are inside in their stalls and the storm hits they are fine.


      2. Interesting, and heartwarming to notice that they feel safe in their stalls. I hope the weather will be mild, and wish you pleasant trail rides surrounded by the colors or autumn 🙂

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