Updates from the kitchen: oatcakes, basil, flowers and mushrooms

Here is the weekly highlight of small and happy updates from my kitchen and my windowsill. First of all, Scottish oatcakes! A friend of mine has relatives in Scotland and regularly brings back these crunchy savoury snacks, that I enjoy alone or with cheese. As the package runs out super fast, I finally tried baking some at home, and it ended up being surprisingly simple. I followed the instructions from Penny’s Recipes. For the next batches I would put the oven to a higher temperature so that the oatcakes get cooked faster and don’t dry out too much, but still I am proud of my first attempt πŸ™‚

On the windowsill, the basil is growing happily and making beautifully curved deep-green leaves. I try to trim it so that all leaves get sunlight, I gave it a stick of mineral fertiliser and it seems to appreciate it. I bought this pot of basil as a discounted, sad-looking thing – with the slight but marked sense of guilt that no one would buy it – and I am relieved to see that its condition is improving a lot.

In the larger flower container I planted the seeds of various edible flower species, given to me as present from a dear friend. After a few days of regular watering and careful observation, many of them are sprouting and are enjoying today’s rain.

Last picture for today’s post is the side dish of mushrooms from yesterday’s lunch, following the Italian recipe called “funghi trifolati”. It’s a quick and tasty recipe that starts with stir-frying garlic, then add mushrooms in dices or stripes, and when the mushrooms are soft add salt, pepper and parsley. This time I added a bit of ginger. I forgot to stir at some point and some parts got a nice crust, so my note for next time is to forget to stir again πŸ™‚

There are a few knitting updates that will get their own post. In the meanwhile, take care and enjoy the weekend!

6 thoughts on “Updates from the kitchen: oatcakes, basil, flowers and mushrooms

  1. I love oatcakes and yours look delicious. And your basil looks very good. We visited our daughter and her family today and she has herbs growing in raised beds. Her basil looked very good too. Maybe 2020 is a good year for basil but a tough one for humans ( the pandemic etc)


    1. Definitely tough for so many humans… but I’m happy for you being able to visit your daughter, and for our basil plants doing great on the opposite sides of the ocean πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting, take care!

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  2. Thank you for mentioning my oatcakes recipe! Glad you enjoyed baking them. I bake them all the time as they are so easy to do. I have enjoyed looking around your website too! I love your drawings.


    1. Thanks for your comment and for your recipe! Glad you enjoyed the drawings. I don’t draw as often now but I try to keep observation skills exercised, and the nearby park offers many good views for sketches and nature studies. Take care and hope to hear from you soon!


    1. Wonderful! It’s such a fast recipe and with very common ingredients, so I hope you can try it soon and cook it everytime you want πŸ™‚


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