Weekly update in pictures

Not easy to find a short title for the post, so let me jump straight to the pictures:

This watercolor sketch is from the sunny morning at the park near my house. I found it difficult to choose what to paint, because many views were pleasing but also challenging, so I went for my usual shaded spot and turned around until I found a view with enough depth but not too much to paint. The combination of grass, trees and dark background was just right for my taste and so I started painting. I’m sort of happy on how it turned out, I was able to mix paint so that it came close to the actual scene and sort of controlled the dilution of colors, but I guess there is much to improve about the trees in the background and in general about the technique. Practice makes perfect šŸ™‚

Knitting also progresses nicely. I finished the first of the blue-stripey socks and almost finished the body of the linen sweater:

And finally, bread #116 and #117. I had to bake the second one after less than a week from baking the first, because it sort of vanished (innocent looks…):

The weather is not going to be luring me outside next week, so I forecast more knitting updates… stay tuned, and stay safe šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Weekly update in pictures

  1. Yesterday we had snow and a record breaking low temperature. Today a frost advisory! Good grief its May and almost mid-May. This coming week there is a day with sunshine forecast for Wednesday! We still go out for an hours walk ,with our dog, everyday just to get exercise and air but it is not fun in this cold. Your knitting is impressive!!


    1. Hello Anne! Nice to hear from you, and thank you so much for your nice comment šŸ™‚

      Snow in May? That must be pretty rare even in your area. I bet that June (not making puns here!) is happy to go out even in the cold, and I hope you will all get warmer weather soon! Lovely to see Biasini exercise in the outdoor arena and wish you to soon be able to ride him and spend time with him as much as you wish!

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