Spring leaves

The tree near my bus stop has put on new leaves, and I took a few pictures of its progress:

It was an exceptionally hot week and all plants have quickly grown leaves and flowers, it’s really nice for the mood to see life coming back after this long winter 🙂


3 thoughts on “Spring leaves

  1. You make me wish I’d done this with the trees down my road! Then again, they suddenly blossomed out of nowhere, so I’d have never caught it! Great pictures. It’s lovely to see nature changing through the seasons!


    1. Thanks shaunkellett for leaving a comment! Another photography idea could be following a young tree for a while, starting anytime within the year. It actually works for everything that seems the same every day, but changes slightly. The set of pictures make all these changes (even only from weather and light) apparent, and make us notice new details. Let me know if you find an interesting subject for such a photo album!
      Best, Anne

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