Drawing streak – sixth week

Here I am again with my scribbles:

Day 36 was the day of the supermoon, that I saw above the trees of my neighbouring park. Day 37 is drawn with a small graphite pencil, I forgot how easy it is to smoothly fill areas, I should remember to use it more often! Day 38 is a watercolour sketch of my moka machine. It is not a particularly good result, but I got to try painting a new layer only when the underlying one was dry (well, almost, you can see the black areas which leaked in a still damp grey area). Day 39 is dedicated to a small Poinsettia plant that I just bought. This way of using flat colours and black borders is inspired by ligne claire, a style that I am very fond of. Day 40 is a horse rolling in the grass, just sketched, but I plan to take more time to do a proper copy of that sweet picture. Day 41 are metro lines – guess where – and Day 42 shows three of the four horses caught on camera by Chad Hanson.

Still one week to go, or more? I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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