Drawing streak – fifth week

The streak is ongoing, with at least two more weeks to go… I am running out of ideas. Sometimes I draw before going to bed. I decided to draw something that shows my mood or captures a relevant fact of the day, like yesterday’s supermoon… that will be featured in next week’s post!

Day 29 was a comeback to high school graffiti-style shadowing. Day 30 and 31 were connected to NHI101x, the natural history illustration course I am following online, held by University of Newcastle in Australia: a great source of inspiration, both from the teachers and the fellow course participants (over 12.000 all over the world!) – I like how it gives a reasonable set of information, opens up several paths for further learning (dedicated websites, other courses…) and how the course participants share tips and tricks and questions on the course’s forum.

Day 32 was inspired by a podcast from BBC 4 about Hector’s dolphin, an endangered species in New Zealand. This dolphin has similarities with the more common hourglass dolphin, that I drew in my notebook.

Day 33 was a simple study of an adjustable wrench|spanner that happened to be on my desk when I decided to draw.

Day 34 is a tribute to a funny memory: I was at a conference in Italy in 2010 with a friend of mine and we booked a room together. There were some noises during the night that I happily ignored. My friend mentioned them in the morning, and I told her that nothing can wake me when I am sleeping well, not even “a cat with cymbals” – so here it is 🙂

Day 35 is a sleepy dog. I loved the peace of the picture, the patience of it, maybe waiting for someone. I tried to use only three colours and the result makes the German shepherd look like a wild dog, but still, I like it 🙂

Here are the posts from past weeks: Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4 — stay tuned for week 6!


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