Drawing streak – second week

The sketch streak goes on! I had fun with colours and brushes again after ages, seriously, I don’t remember when I used watercolours for the last time!

Links to the Flickr pages of each photo, with bigger sizes available for download:

Day 8Day 9Day 10Day 11Day 12Day 13Day 14

Day 8 and 13 were done very late in the night and I chose themes and a technique that  I could use fast. I painted the Minotaur of day 9 with a watercolour set and was genuinely surprised by the result! Day 11 is a sort of music score for drums, each dot is a eighth-note, and the colour indicates which hand to use. The source is a warm-up exercise on the snare drum. Day 14 was done with a new set of watercolour pencils, but without using the watercolour features, I think that it would remove the fur appearance.

Stay tuned for next week’s sketches! I’ll be travelling with the watercolour set, the watercolour pencils and the black pen that I used for the Lusitano horse of Day 12.

(Link to week 1)