Homemade kimchi

Here is my first post about my kitchen experiments 🙂

I had two Kohlrabi (turnip cabbage) to prepare and I was not impressed by any of the recipes I found on the Internet with the search string “kohlrabi recipes”. I like to eat kohlrabi just raw and without condiments, but I was looking for something more interesting – and challenging.

After a long and random walk across the Internet, yesterday I stumbled upon a variation of kimchi that featured kohlrabi. Kimchi is a fermented side dish from Korea, with a distinctive taste and lot of healthy properties. I therefore proceeded to make my first kimchi… today I had some of it with plain rice, and it tasted good, even if all ingredients were not yet properly blended. This same effect of “taste mosaic” came up with a fresh batch of harissa paste. With time, the taste becomes unique and smooth, and the single ingredients are to be spotted as nuances, aftertastes, shadows.

I am impatient to taste it after the appropriate fermentation process! The recipe gives an estimate of 14 days, depending on temperature and type of vegetables used.

Update: we ate half of it already in an interesting set of recipes, finding them very tasty. I don’t give more than a clue: “kimchi recipes” in your search engine. Enjoy!