Thought on music practice

Today I practices on my drum set for about one hour, after a couple of weeks without practice at all. Needless to say, I needed a lot of time to get some suppleness back into my movements.

I later felt tired and achy, and I tried to find out how a meager hour of practice could be so tiresome. It could not be because of the type of exercises that I played, nor the sheer force that I used (I am used to play softly). It appears to me that part of the energy had been used to slow down or push forward some movements, in order to play all the notes at the right time. This is especially visible with exercises that make use of all drum set, or fast patterns. This forced control of the body is overall felt as contraction of the muscles.

I have the feeling that I will become a better musician when I will be able to transform the energy into useful movements only. There is so much grace to be seen in the movements of an experienced musician, the impression that all that music requires no effort to be created.

(More pictures on my Flickr page)


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