In search of a good book or course… or both

I haven’t posted anything new these last weeks, as I am not really happy of practicing without feedback or a clear plan.

I found some good books in the libraries of my town, above all Intensivkurs Zeichnen from Bruce Robertson. The book presents various techniques and tips, accompanied by 500 exercises. It is a really good book for self-teaching, as it proposes a variety of small tasks that the reader/artist can quite easily evaluate. I didn’t do more than the first few exercises, as I had to give back the book, but I plan to buy it soon.

A technique that I like a lot, and would like to master, is Ligne claire, made famous by the Belgian comic writer Hergé. A masterpiece of this style is the series The Adventures of Tintin, that I used to have at home when I was a child. The three-dimensionality is achieved mostly without fades or hatching, and the contours are black lines of uniform width.

Les Aventures de Tintin - Le secret de la Licorne Les Aventures de Tintin – Le secret de la Licorne

What I feel is that I could continue practicing with the help of books and examples, but I would like to find a course or a teacher that can correct my mistakes quicker and that provides good suggestions. I’ll surely update the site when I’ll find


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